"Untitled #8 (The Dining Room)" (2005)

"Untitled #8 (The Dining Room)," 2005
Cel vinyl, acrylic, and alkyd on gessoed canvas over panel, 86 x 102 inches. Photo by Douglas M. Parker Studio.
Courtesy the artist and Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York.

"The last two bodies of work and the body I’m working on now really do address more directly the construction of a personal life and what that entails- what actually occupies it and what, literally, it looks like. That’s what precipitated the titling of the last paintings in terms of rooms of the house- ‘The Dining Room’, ‘The Living Room’, ‘In the Garden’.The titles of these paintings indicate on a political level the importance of residential space that is different from public space in terms of aesthetics and safety."

- Lari Pittman