"The Music of Regret" (Act II) (2006)

"The Music of Regret" (Act II), 2006
35 mm film, 40 minutes. Directed by Laurie Simmons; Music, Michael Rohatyn; Camera, Ed Lachman ASC; with Meryl Streep, Adam Guettel, and the Alvin Ailey II Dancers.
© Laurie Simmons, courtesy the artist and Salon 94, New York.

"Love runs through the film, much to my surprise...maybe it was the influence of the things I love- music, musicals- which are absolutely unafraid to address that topic. I was thinking so much about the American Songbook and musicals, and moving a narrative forward. Maybe that’s why romance finally came into my work. And at this time in my life, I’m ready to accept or own a kind of romance and melancholy or melodrama that I wasn’t ready to reveal before. It was always there in my inner life as an artist, but I was too afraid to share it."

- Laurie Simmons