"Neukom Vivarium" (2006)

"Neukom Vivarium," 2006
Mixed-media installation, greenhouse structure: 80 feet long. Installation view: Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle. Gift of Sally and William Neukom, American Express Company, Seattle Garden Club, Mark Torrance Foundation, and Committee of 33, T2004.101
Courtesy the Seattle Art Museum

"I want to show how difficult that is for us to grasp, not just conceptually but also practically- how difficult it is for us to figure in all of the variables needed to replicate a forest. You should look at this and get the impression of looking at someone in a hospital under an oxygen tent. There should be pangs of melancholy when you see this. Of course it is, in some way, a celebration, but at the same time it’s full of mourning and melancholy."

- Mark Dion