"Summum Bonum Quod Est Magia, Cabalae, Alchymae et Artis" (2004)

"Summum Bonum Quod Est Magia, Cabalae, Alchymae et Artis," 2004
Lithograph, 31 x 24 3/4 inches
Edition of 20
Collaboration with Robert Williams
Courtesy Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York

"I’m not looking for the newest museum. I’m always looking for the oldest museum. I’m looking for museums that are windows into the past. And because my topic really is the representation of nature, I’m looking mostly at natural history museums. But there are taxonomies in art museums as well, and those taxonomies shift. We’re constantly rediscovering long dead artists and putting them into a different context, a different place. We’re constantly shuffling the deck."

- Mark Dion