"Toys 'R' U.S. (When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth)" (1994)

"Toys 'R' U.S. (When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth)," 1994
Children’s bed, desk, chair, bedside table, television, audiotape, dinosaur bedside lamp, toys, cereal, wallpaper, posters, stencils, inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex, calendar, pennant, bedspread, pillow, slippers, clothing, wastepaper basket, umbrellas, games, plastic figurines, books, framed picture, videos, baseball cap, fan, bulletin board, postcards, pencils and pens, pencil holder, book bag, rug, stuffed animals, cup and straw, and assorted other dinosaur memorabilia, dimensions variable. Installation view: American Fine Arts, Co., New York.
Courtesy Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York

"For a lot of people collecting is an impulse that begins in childhood. I was a child who had collections and was constantly in search of things like butterfly nets and cigar boxes. These things still have a particular attraction, a patina of engagement that is fascinating. As I go through museums, I see that a lot of the motivation of curators and people who are scientifically trained comes from finding productive ways of using these impulses."

- Mark Dion