"Educational Complex" (1995)

"Educational Complex," 1995
Synthetic polymer, latex, foam core, fiberglass and wood, 51 x 192 x 96 inches. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Purchase, with funds from the Contemporary Painting and Sculpture Committee 96.50
Photo by Geoffrey Clements, photograph copyright © 1998: Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

"'Educational Complex' is a model of every school I ever went to, plus the home I grew up in, with all the parts I can’t remember left blank. They’re all combined into a new kind of structure that looks like a kind of modernist building. I started to think about this structure through the Gesamtenswerk, the ‘total artwork’, of Rudolf Steiner, where he tries to combine all the arts and develop a kind of rule system according to which every art form is related."

- Mike Kelley