"Azur," detail (2002)

"Azur," detail, 2002
Handprinting and printed collage on paper, 39 sections totaling approximately 2 x 277 feet. Photo by David Reynolds.
© Nancy Spero, courtesy the artist and Galerie Lelong, New York.

"When we came to New York in 1964, my husband Leon Golub already had a reputation as a very powerful Expressionist painter...I decided that I just had to do my thing, and so I started doing very small work, figures that were sometimes an inch tall, or even less- almost microscopic. In a way, that was a retort to the large works of the mostly male New York artists. It’s shocking how much I responded to that. Leon fit in to that category of male New York artists, but in my mind he was an exception. And he was totally sympathetic to my very fragile art."

- Nancy Spero