"Ballad von der Judenhure Marie Sanders III, (Brecht)" (1998)

"Ballad von der Judenhure Marie Sanders III, (Brecht)," 1998
Handprinting on walls, dimensions variable. Installation view: Festpielhaus, Hellerau, Dresden. Photo by Lothar Sprenger.
© Nancy Spero, courtesy the artist and Barbara Gross Galerie, Munich.

"Like this installation, a lot of my work through the years has been truly ephemeral- printing on walls, which are painted over after a show. It’s like theatre or dance. When the show is over, it’s finished. It’s gone. It only remains in the memory or in photographs. When you call, "Strike!" you stop and the installation’s finished. There are no more showings of it, and it’s gone.’"

- Nancy Spero