"Ballad von der Judenhure Marie Sanders III, (Brecht)" (1998)

"Ballad von der Judenhure Marie Sanders III, (Brecht)," 1998
Handprinting on walls, dimensions variable. Installation view: Festpielhaus, Hellerau, Dresden. Photo by Lothar Sprenger.
© Nancy Spero, courtesy the artist and Barbara Gross Galerie, Munich.

"My first encounter with even thinking about politics, what it meant to be an American and thinking that it wasn’t secure, came as a real jolt when I became aware of the Second World War, maybe in my last year in high school. Being a Midwesterner from Chicago, I didn’t really think we were vulnerable until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. We were literally oceans apart from the rest of the world until then, not just physically but mentally."

- Nancy Spero