"Painter" (1995)

"Painter," 1995
Wood paneling, carpet, paint, furniture, canvas, kitchen utensils, over-sized paint tubes and brush, video projector, latex noses, and folding chairs, dimensions variable
Video tape, performance, and installation in Los Angeles with Brian Butler, Sabina Hornig, Paul McCarthy, Fredrik Nilsen, and Barbara Smith
Collection of the Rubell Family, Miami, Florida
© Paul McCarthy
Courtesy Hauser & Wirth, Zürich London

"In the ‘60s I painted paintings with my hands, flat on the ground. And then I would light them on fire and burn them. I didn’t think of this as performance or theater. I was painting and burning them—it was like a flash fire that would turn them black—and there was an action aspect to painting beyond just the action of a de Kooning."

-Paul McCarthy