"Quod Nomen Mihi Est?" (1998)

"Quod Nomen Mihi Est?," 1998
Wall-recessed diorama, 10 x 16 x 18 inches
Collection of Lois Plehn
Courtesy the artist and Paula Cooper Gallery, New York

"It occurred to me that the bedroom of Reagan in the movie 'The Exorcist' is probably the architectural setting that I grew up with as the image of terror, and it’s something that I never even saw. It was something that I just recreated in my head. So I literally watched the movie over and over again, memorizing the details of that room until I could physically fabricate that room in miniature. I gave it the title ‘Quod Nomen Mihi Est?’ which is a reference from the movie as well. It’s the priest talking to the possessed girl and asking in Latin, ‘Who are you?’"

- Paul Pfeiffer