"Badge of Honor," view of son's bedroom (1995)

"Badge of Honor," view of son's bedroom, 1995
Mixed media installation, with recreated cell environment, furniture, video and objects, dimensions variable
Photo by Sarah Welles
Courtesy Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York

"'Badge Of Honor'- it’s a relationship between a father and son. The father is incarcerated. The son is at home. For about a month I went with a video camera back and forth between the father and son. I started the topics with the father, 'Talk to your son about freedom.' And the minute he finished with the monologue, I took the video tape and played it at the son’s living room. And then I recorded the son’s reaction to the father, and he answered...And every day I started to trigger a conversation between them without intruding at all."

- Pepón Osorio