"Scene of the Crime (Whose Crime?)" (1993)

"Scene of the Crime (Whose Crime?)," 1993
Mixed media installation, with furniture, video and objects, 132 x 420 x 144 inches. Photo by Frank Gimpaya. Collection of the Bronx Museum for the Arts, New York
Courtesy Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York

"When this piece, 'Scene of the Crime...' was at the Whitney Museum, it almost felt as if I had taken a piece of the South Bronx out of its roots and placed it in the middle of Madison Avenue, you know? And that's my relation to space. That's my relation- one of intervening, of intervention, one of somehow just the position but at the same time trying to fit in or force it into a location more than anything else...it goes against the grain. But somehow because of its spiritual qualities it flows in itself."

- Pepón Osorio