"L’expédition scintillante" (2002)

"L’expédition scintillante," 2002
Installation view: Kunsthaus, Bregenz, Austria. Top: "Act 3", "Untitled (black ice stage)". Center: "Act 2", "Untitled (light show)". Bottom: "Act 1", "Untitled (ice boat)", "Untitled (weather score)", and "Untitled (offshore radio)".
© Pierre Huyghe, courtesy Marian Goodman Gallery, Paris/New York.

"I’m playing with narrative structure. That’s for sure. And I usually like parables because of their haiku quality. Of course there is a metaphorical aspect in parables, and that’s also in works I’ve done, not only in film but also in the ice boat, and the ice-skating rink."

- Pierre Huyghe