"No Ghost Just a Shell" (collaboration with Philippe Parreno) (1999-2003)

"No Ghost Just a Shell" (collaboration with Philippe Parreno), 1999-2003
"Two Minutes Out of Time," video still, 2000. DigiBeta video, 4 minutes, color, sound. Co-production of Anna Sanders Films and Antéfilms.
© Pierre Huyghe, courtesy Marian Goodman Gallery, Paris/New York.

"We bought one of the very cheapest characters and we gave it to different artists so that they could fulfill this empty shell. Different ‘authors’ speak through the character in different ways and, at the end, it’s an exhibition. So you have a film, a sculpture, a painting, and so on. What is important here is the notion of polyphony. This is a collective project and that’s what I think is important in a collective exhibition."

- Pierre Huyghe