"Doubt by Water" (2003-2004)

"Doubt by Water," 2003-2004
Installation view at Whitney Biennial 2004, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
Photographs: 16 1/2 x 22 inches each
Stanchions: 14 inches diameter x 70 1/2 inches overall height each
Photo by Bill Jacobson

"'Doubt By Water' is a form that I’ve been thinking about for a while. It starts with a two-faced image. That’s really the core of the whole work...getting a two-faced image (which is more or less like an object) into a meaningful relationship to space, so I developed this form with the stanchions to give the two-faced image a place. It was an interesting kind of balance to hold so many pieces together while dispersing them throughout an architectural setting."

- Roni Horn