"Some Thames" (2000)

"Some Thames," 2000
Permanent installation at the University of Akureyri, Iceland
Photographs printed on paper with UV Lacquer 78 images: 25 x 38 inches (each)
Courtesy Art21, Inc.

"The weather’s often quite poor in this area, so you can stay inside, you can move about. Once you’re in there, it’s like a little interior metropolis...The piece is very large, about 80 photographs. The idea is to lay it out in a way that is a flow through the building, but depending on who you are and how you use the building, it’s a discovery process that could occur over days, months or even years. I like the idea that the scale of the work is unknown but pervasive. Not dominating it, but setting a kind of tone for the space."

- Roni Horn