"This is Me, This is You" (1997-2000)

"This is Me, This is You," 1997-2000
96 C-prints (installed on two walls with 48 images on each wall), 13 x 10 3/4 inches each
One member of each of the 48 pairs is composed into one of two complementary panels of individually framed images. Each panel is placed on opposite walls or from room to room. Overall size of each panel is approximaely 11x9 feet
Courtesy Matthew Marks Gallery, New York

"I draw in all of my activities, whether it’s sculpture, photography, or installations. Drawing- most of the definitions are verbs. To take aim. To metamorphose. To translate. To extract. To draw. So I’m using that word in all of those meanings, and it really applies to everything I do."

- Roni Horn