"Night Sky #18" (2000-2001)

"Night Sky #18," 2000-2001
Oil on linen mounted on wood, 19 3/4 x 22 1/2 inches
Collection of the artist
Photo by John bigelow Taylor
Courtesy McKee Gallery, New York

"It’s almost a trick of trying to get more into the work...almost childlike attempts to get more in...to fill it up by repeating it on top of itself, like I’ve been doing with the paintings. Making a work that has more of a feeling of a chord, like a chord in music, something instead of a line or something that’s thin. Even though you only see the top surface, you begin to have a feeling that there’s a depth there. But it’s not a depth that’s really thought out. It’s like it’s physically made."

- Vija Celmins