"Ocean Surface Wood Engraving 2000" (2000-2001)

"Ocean Surface Wood Engraving 2000," 2000-2001
Wood engraving on Zerkall paper, 20 3/4 x 17 1/4 inches
Edition of 75, AP of 16
Published by the Grenfell Press, New York
Courtesy McKee Gallery, New York

"I worked on this ocean image and I carved it. The thing that’s so neat is that it has movement in it, and at the same time it’s like a rock, so totally closed and solid. And it fluctuates between those two. When you’re far away from the work, for instance, you see that it looks like a little gray area that’s been worried to death. When you come up close you see that the thing has been made and carved, and I hope at some point you get a little ‘boing!’ like I still do."

- Vija Celmins