"Scramble for Africa," detail (2003)

"Scramble for Africa," detail, 2003
14 life-size fiberglass mannequins, 14 chairs, table, and Dutch wax printed cotton, overall 52 x 192 1/10 x 110 1/5 inches
Commissioned by the Museum of African Art, Long Island City, New York
Collection of The Pinnell Collection, Dallas
Photo by Stephen White
© Yinka Shonibare MBE
Courtesy James Cohan Gallery, New York and Stephen Friedman Gallery, London

"I re-imagined that conference with these brainless men, literally brainless, sitting around the table. Their heads have been chopped off and they’re having this meeting to decide the fate of Africa! Headless people seated around the table, and there’s a map of Africa on that table. Absolutely, it’s a contemporary analogy to the annexation, more or less, of Iraq and its oil and the issue of Afghanistan. People in those countries have ideas about what they would like to do with their own countries. They don’t need us to tell them."

-Yinka Shonibare MBE

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