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Invincible Shana Moulton

Just heard from Shana Moulton from somewhere in Europe and she just gave me the rundown on her action-packed summer 2011 exhibition and performance schedule:  Zurich – Ancona – Jesus Pobre (what?) – Basel – New York – Guangzhou – Shanghai – New York – Bern.

I can’t give you the complete breakdown here but there’s definitely some things worth detailing now.  And none more enticingly named and located than the “The Invincible Summer Within” group show in the Ayuntamiento, Pobre Jesus, Spain (just google mapped it and it’s on the coast, south of Valencia); the show marked the start of the Fiestas there (it sounds better and better the more I learn about it) and runs till June 17.

Also very noteworthy and very timely is Shana’s performance of “I Lost Something in the Hills” tomorrow night, June 16, at OSLO10 in Zurich (as part of Art Basel 2011)

Shana, if you’re reading this, send us pics and bring us back souvenirs!

ABOVE: Poster for “The Invincible Summer Within” group show. Courtesy Gimpel-Fils, London (via Facebook).

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