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Working 9 to 5 with Shana Moulton

We’re starting to open up the video tap again and our latest film, Shana Moulton’s Portable Performance, just went live.

One of the very cool things we got to do while producing this film was to shoot at the prestigious Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Workspace studio program. Shana Moulton has been an artist-in-residence there for the past nine months. Lottsa folks we admire — including New York Close Up featured artists LaToya Ruby Frazier and Martha Colburn— have gone thru LMCC over the years. The really fascinating thing was the studios themselves:  they’re located on a couple of floors of green-carpeted and beige-walled office space deep in the heart of the Wall Street financial district in Manhattan. A completely unexpected working environment for an artist.

It was that incongruity that really sparked the idea driving this latest segment on Shana — is making an art a job? Can it happen in an office? Ironically, for Shana, the drop ceilings and overall non-descriptness serve her particular practice well; it’s a private sound stage in which she can shoot original footage for her videos.

So check out Shana’s latest for a look at an artist at work. And if you’re interested in seeing what some of the other LMCC resident-workers are up to, there’s a big program of events and exhibitions at the LMCC Arts Center at Governors Island. It’s a very pleasant boat ride to the island.  And it starts today.

ABOVE:  Artist Shana Moulton rehearsing for a performance at the Bronx River Art Center. Mott Haven, the Bronx, 12.03.10. Production still from the series New York Close Up. © Art21, Inc. 2011.

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