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LaToya Ruby Frazier’s Got Good Timing

Along with having a new New York Close Up film release yesterday – LaToya Ruby Frazier’s Moving PicturesLaToya Ruby Frazier has got some other things going on recently.  She’s part of the line-up of artists at this year’s Whitney Biennial.  Big Congrats to LaToya.  It’ll include other Art21 heroes like Charles Atlas & Mike Kelley and opens March 1.  And she also got to wear a very cool jacket for a recently posted New York Times Style Magazine piece.  Better yet, they included a slide show of recent work (above is an example.)  And there’s yet another LaToya NYC-area event in the works for the Spring, but I can’t tell you yet.  I’m not even sure I can drop hints.  Sorry.  But once it goes public, we’ll post it here.

CAPTION:  “Jenny Holzer’s Truism,” from LaToya Ruby Frazier’s portfolio “Campaign for Braddock Hospital (Save Our Community Hospital),” 2011.

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