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New York Close Up Takes Manhattan This Weekend


If you’re out and about at the art fairs in Manhattan this weekend, and still haven’t had the New York Close Up marathon viewing experience yet, then you’re in luck.  The (almost) entire series is going to be shown multiple times at NADA New York & Cutlog.

The good folks at NADA New York – now at Pier 36, between the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges along the East River –  will be screening project films throughout the public run of the fair, from 10AM Friday May 10 to 5PM Sunday May 12.  Check out the monitors in the upper mezzanine level for the infinite loop.  Admission is free.  And while you’re there, you can also see the work of New York Close Up artist David Brooks; he’s suspended sections of his monumental “Desert Rooftops” public artwork (featured in the episode David Brooks Tears the Roof Off.)

And at New York-debuting art fair Cutlog, at the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center in the Lower East Side, there’s two big viewing opportunities.  On Saturday, an indoor marathon screening from 10:30-2:30PM in the Little Theater.  And better yet (but weather pending of course) on Sunday night, an outdoor night screening in the back parking lot from 8PM to Midnight.  And better, better yet, my producing partner Wesley Miller and myself will be giving a talk before the Sunday night screening, at 7PM.

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