Flash Gordon


This Wednesday, January 29th at 6pm, artist Daniel Gordon will discuss his work in the exhibition Shadows and Pears at The Horticultural Society of New York. Art21 will be screening the film Daniel Gordon Gets Physical, followed by a conversation with the exhibition’s curator, Chris Murtha, and writer Claire Barliant. We hope to see you there!

We’re also happy to announce that the film Daniel Gordon Gets Physical has been selected by the 32nd International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA), to be held in Montreal, March 20-30, 2014. The film will be screened as part of the Horizons program featuring “the latest films on art from around the world, which take a penetrating look at art in all its forms.”

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Kalup Linzy Must Have Gotten an “A” in Environmental Science

What we’re watching: The year is 1994. Florida. Kalup Linzy makes his very first soap opera for his Environmental Science class in high school. The theme music is Natalie Cole’s song Take a Look. Our grade: A+. Continue reading

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Martha Colburn Occupies Wall Street (on Film)

What we’re watching: a new live action film by Martha Colburn, shot on SUPER 8 and 16mm, with music by ZOMBY. See a local artist’s observation of the protests in New York. Tell your friends (where’s the human microphone when you need it?)  Continue reading

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Mika Tajima & Richard Linklater Are Slackers

What we’re watching: A conversation between artist Mika Tajima and filmmaker Richard Linklater on slackers, flâneurs, and the history of refusal. Featuring clips from the film Slacker (1991) and photography of Tajima’s recent installation — The Architect’s Garden (2011) — at the University of Texas Visual Art Center.  Continue reading

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“a fascinating scrapbook of the diversity of practice across the city”

Or at least that’s what The Art Newspaper seems to think in this month’s feature article about New York Close Up. We tend to agree. Read the full article.

PHOTO: Artist Keltie Ferris in the studio, Bushwick, New York.

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