Mission and Vision

Art21 is a nonprofit contemporary art organization dedicated to introducing broad public audiences to today’s visual artists—stimulating critical reflection as well as conversation through the production of films, books, multimedia and Internet-based resources, educational programs, and special events.

Art21 programs inspire creative thinking and educate:

  • a new generation about contemporary art and art making;
  • teachers about how to engage students with the art of their time;
  • the public at large about the life of the creative mind.

Over the past decade, Art21 has established itself as the preeminent resource on contemporary art and artists through the production of documentary films, including the primetime PBS television series "Art in the Twenty-First Century," online short-format films, and a feature film, as well as books, curricular resources, and online materials. Art21’s straightforward approach of presenting artists at work and in their own words demystifies contemporary art, sparking discussion and inspiring creativity, in view of an expanded public engagement with twenty-first-century art and artists.