"Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstruction #s 2 through 32 (Day is Done)" (2004-2005)

"It’s hard to differentiate between personal memory and cultural memory...it’s very hard to, say, disentangle memories of films or books or cartoons or plays from real experience. It all gets mixed up. So in a way I don’t make such distinctions and I see it all as a kind of fiction. And if you read a lot about the literature of repressed memory syndrome the abuse scenarios are often very standardized. It’s really a form of literature that’s internalized and then voiced as reality. But it finds form in a variety of tropes. So if you have a religious orientation, it comes through Satanic-cult abuse. If you don’t, it might come through alien abduction. Or a more typical one is family incest scenarios. And yet the stories are all quite similar- it’s just the social bracket that changes."

- Mike Kelley