"A Glorious Martyrdom Awaits Us All at the Hands of Our Tender and Merciful God" (2003)

"I use the symbol of the straight line a lot in my drawings and paintings. It usually represents a kind of wound, or a direction. The curved line is like a linking gesture that joins things. But the straight line is usually more like an arrow, or rein, or a kind of rupture...It reminds me of St. Sebastian. Whenever you see an arrow or spear in painting, it’s always much more damaging than it is constructive, whereas the looping sort of curved line is much more generous and inclusive. Often, in my drawings and paintings, you’ll see figures being pierced by multiple fates that are sort of embodied in the lines. It’s like the lines in your destiny. Who would want a straight-line destiny? It’d be rotten, right?"

- Matthew Ritchie