HANDS ON: Kimsooja

The following activity ideas can be used to engage audiences in a hands-on approach to processing the ideas presented in the artist's film segment. They were compiled from our Educators' Guides and Screening Toolkits. Activities include not only visual art strategies but writing, research, and other disciplinary methods. Additional resources and strategies for teaching with films and working with contemporary art can be found in Teach.

"Conditions of Anonymity," 2005. Times Square, New York. Commissioned and presented by Creative Time. Photo by Alon Koppel. © Kimsooja. Courtesy the artist.

Create a video or series of photographic images that describe how you see yourself, in relation to your school, community, city, or country.

SEGMENT: Kimsooja in "Systems"

Assemble a unique collection of objects that reflect aspects of your daily life, and use them to form a sculpture or installation. Write a brief description of each object's significance to you, and describe how they contribute to the finished artwork.

"Encounter–Looking Into Sewing," 1998-2002. Vivachrome print, 83 3/4 x 49 5/8 inches. Photo by Lee Jong Soo. © Kimsooja. Courtesy the artist and Art & Public, Geneva.