THEMATIC: Technology and Process

Installation view, "Jeff Koons," Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, May 31-September 21, 2008. Left: "Balloon Dog (Orange)," 1994-2000. High-chromium stainless steel with transparent color coating, 121 x 143 x 45 inches. Center: "Triple Hulk Elvis I," 2007. Oil on canvas, 108 x 146 1/8 inches. Right: "Buster Keaton," 1988. Polychromed wood, 65 3/4 x 50 x 26 1/2 inches. Photo by Nathan Keay © Jeff Koons and Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

Technology has strongly influenced how art can be made and presented. Jeff Koons utilizes both new technologies and more traditional methods to make his art. In his Art21 segment, Koons is shown employing computers, fabrication methods, and teams of painters to create his work. Watch Koons's segment and discuss the ways that technology impacts different methods for creating art.

Compare the way Koons uses technology to the approaches of other artists, including: Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, Ida Applebroog, Mel Chin, Allan McCollum, and Matthew Ritchie.

SEGMENT: Jeff Koons in "Fantasy"

Before Viewing
How has technology changed both the ways that art can be made and who makes it? What new tools, equipment, and methods are artists using, that integrate technology into their processes?

While Viewing
Recount the steps involved in the process of making one of Koons's paintings. What technologies and innovations are utilized to create a finished work?

After Viewing
How does Koons's painting process differ from the process of ten years ago? Of one hundred years ago? Of one thousand years ago?

Design a contemporary toy inspired by a famous work from art history.