Screening Resources


Art21 provides screening participants with a free screening tool kit. Registered host partners will receive:


NOTE: Event registrations without date and venue details will not receive materials and will not be listed on the Art21 website until details are confirmed.

For additional information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.


How it works:

  1. Sign up to be added to our Art21 Screening Society email list for Season 8.
  2. In early August, you will receive an email with the link to register to host a screening. At that time, you will be asked which episode you would like to screen, as well as when and where your screening will be held.
  3. At least one week prior to your screening, you will receive an email with the link and password to download the Season 8 episode you selected.
  4. Prior to your screening, verify your event details with Art21 so we can update our online calendar and help promote your screening on the Art21 Magazine
  5. During and after your screening, share photos and stories online!
    • On Twitter: Use the hashtag #ART21Season8 if you are posting information, videos, or photos about your event, and include a mention to @art21.
    • On Facebook: If you are creating a Facebook event or posting about your event, please tag the Art21 Facebook page.
    • On Instagram: Use #ART21Season8 and include a mention to @art21.


First time screener? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Plan the event
    • Set the date of your screening.
    • Choose a screening location with sufficient seating and power outlets for your projector, screen, and sound system. 
      (Would you like to host a screening but don't have access to a venue? Reach out to your local art institution or coffee shop and see if they'd be interested in hosting a free screening on contemporary art!)
    • Preview the footage you plan to show.
    • Engage your audience. Hold a post-screening discussion, or invite local artists to speak and answer questions. 
    • Use Art21's Educators' Guide and Screening Guide to get inspired!
  2. Promote the event
    • Use our customizable press release (available online) and press images to promote your event in your community. Simply download our template and insert your dates, venue, and the episode you intend to screen.
    • Promote your event on social media and consider creating an event on Facebook.
    • Submit information about your event to local newspapers, magazines, radio stations, e-newsletters, blogs, and podcasts. Post updates to your organization’s/institution’s website and social media pages.
  3. Set-up and screening
    • Prepare and plan ahead. Allow time to set up your screening equipment, test the sound system, arrange chairs, etc.
    • Take photos to document the event.
  4. Post-screening
    • Share feedback on your screening to help us continue to build the Art21 Screening Society.
    • Submit your photos and reviews to Art21 and we’ll share them with our online community.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions


Sharing Across Social Media

Art21 encourages all host partners to share news, photos, videos, and other information about their screenings on social media.

Use the hashtag #ART21Season8 if you are posting information, videos or photos about your event, and include a mention to @art21.

If you are creating a Facebook event or posting about your event, tag the Art21 Facebook page.

Use #ART21Season8 and include a mention to @art21.