Benefit Print: Hiroshi Sugimoto, "California Condor"

Hiroshi Sugimoto
California Condor
Pigmented print on Mulberry paper
Edition of 60
Paper size: 30-1/8 x 43 inches
Image size: 25-1/8 x 38 inches
Printer: Min Kwak, Min + K, Brooklyn, NY
Publisher: Jean-Yves Noblet Contemporary Prints, Brooklyn, NY

Price: $4,200
Framing at additional cost
Proceeds help support Art21's programs and initiatives

For sales inquiries, please email Jean-Yves Noblet of Jean-Yves Noblet Contemporary Prints at jy [AT] jynoblet [DOT] com.


About California Condor

"When I first arrived in New York in 1974, I visited many of the city's tourist sites, one of which was the American Museum of Natural History.  I made a curious discovery while looking at the exhibition of animal dioramas: the stuffed animals positioned before painted back drops looked utterly fake, yet by taking a quick peek with one eye closed, all perspective vanished, and suddenly they looked very real.  I had found a way to see the world as the camera does.  However fake the subject, once photographed, it is as good as real." —Hiroshi Sugimoto

Jean-Yves Noblet Contemporary Prints and Hiroshi Sugimoto are pleased to collaborate on the limited edition publication of California Condor, made exclusively for Art21. Sugimoto appropriates a black and white photograph from his acclaimed Diorama series, with Mulberry paper serving to enhance the ink quality—a nod to his fondness for Chinese ink painting. California Condor showcases Sugimoto's keen craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, as well as the infinite possibilities offered by a palette of blacks, whites, and grays. The condors, once stiff displays enclosed within a museum’s glass box, come to life under the artist’s watchful eye. Proceeds from the sale of prints #1-20 help support Art21’s programs and initiatives.