Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsorship is an exciting way for companies to connect with ART21 and build their communities. We specially tailor benefits to meet your goals and include unique opportunities such as:

  • ART21 screenings for your clients and employees with our Executive Director, Curator, or an artist
  • Special projects in your work spaces, such as pop-up exhibitions, lunchtime screening series, artist talks, and field trips to galleries and artists' studios
  • Opportunity to name the New York Close Up series for an entire season
  • Lead Sponsor on select ART21 film premieres and events, including a block of tickets so you can celebrate with clients and employees 


Small Business Circle

ART21 invites small businesses to sponsor together and share benefits. We provide a 25% discount on sponsorship packages for businesses with under 15 employees. 


Artists Council 

Galleries are invited to join the Artists Council to show their support for ART21 artists. Benefits include tickets to special screenings and artist events, free film licensing, recognition on ART21 content, and much more.


To inquire about sponsorship opportunities or program underwriting, please contact Kerri at 212-620-4963 or kerri@art21.org.