Materials for Teaching

Learning with ART21 Guide
A free downloadable resource for introducing contemporary art and artists into classroom and community-based learning.

The materials in this section can be used in school and community-based settings to introduce individual artists, themes, or ideas; to contextualize the work of contemporary artists; and to encourage further research and investigation. Educators' Guides, Screening Guides, extended lesson and unit ideas, a glossary, and transcripts from artist conversations and educational events suggest a wide range of ways to teach with Art21 resources.

In this section, you will find:

Educators' Guides
Background information about featured artists and themes from the broadcast programs. Designed for use in a wide range of cultural and educational institutions: schools, museums, galleries, teacher-training programs, and community-based programs.

Screening Guides
To encourage dynamic public-screening events, engage new audiences, and deepen appreciation and understanding of contemporary art and ideas. Based on each thematic episode and season of the broadcast series.

Learning with ART21 Guide
A resource for introducing contemporary art and artists into classroom and community-based learning, educators are encouraged to use this guide to encourage dialogue, facilitate critical inquiry, support research and exploration, and enhance curricula in a wide range of subject areas.

A collection of questions to initiate discussion around artist and thematic videos, as well as suggestions for hands-on projects.

Magazine Features
Links to additional Art21-related visual resources, including slide and digital images available from Davis Art Images and School Arts magazine features.

A quick reference for art-related words, to help explore key ideas and concepts about contemporary art and the artistic process.

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