Season 1 Educators' Guide


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Art21 has distributed all 10,000 copies of the Season One Educators' Guide and is not accepting requests at this time. Thanks to all of the educators who have ordered the guide and use it in their classrooms.


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The Season One Educators' Guide can be downloaded as PDF files: the entire guide, by thematic section, and by individual artist.

Full Guide

Download: Season 1 Educators' Guide [4.5 MB]

Individual Sections

Download: Introduction & Resources [3 MB]
Download: Place [420 KB]
Download: Identity [280 KB]
Download: Spirituality [725 KB]
Download: Consumption [775 KB]
Download: Matthew Barney [160 KB]
Download: Louise Bourgeois [60 KB]
Download: Michael Ray Charles [230 KB]
Download: Mel Chin [325 KB]
Download: John Feodorov [410 KB]
Download: Ann Hamilton [55 KB]
Download: Margaret Kilgallen [130 KB]
Download: Maya Lin [90 KB]
Download: Sally Mann [75 KB]
Download: Kerry James Marshall [80 KB]
Download: Barry McGee [130 KB]
Download: Bruce Nauman [50 KB]
Download: Pepón Osorio [165 KB]
Download: Richard Serra [40 KB]
Download: Shahzia Sikander [70 KB]
Download: James Turrell [185 KB]
Download: Andrea Zittel [98 KB]



The Season One Educators Guide was developed by Toby Levine Communications, with the support of the Season One Educational Advisory Council, composed of teachers, museum educators, and curriculum specialists.

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