Magazine Features

Art21 partnered with Davis Publications to create monthly features in School Arts magazine, including "Gallery Cards" that highlight Season One artists, and "Artists Speak" features that introduce Season Two and Season Three artists from the Art in the Twenty-First Century broadcast series.

To order back issues or a subscription to School Arts magazine, visit Davis Publications or call 1-800-533-2847.

Walton Ford, featured April 2007 [PDF]

Roni Horn, featured February 2007 [PDF]

Ida Applebroog, featured December 2006 [PDF]

Elizabeth Murray, featured November 2006 [PDF]

Matthew Ritchie, featured October 2006 [PDF]

Krzysztof Wodiczko, featured April 2006 [PDF]

Oliver Herring, featured in School Arts, February 2006 [PDF]

Josiah McElheny, featured in School Arts, January 2006 [PDF]

Arturo Herrera, featured December 2005 [PDF]

Hiroshi Sugimoto, featured November 2005 [PDF]

Susan Rothenberg, featured October 2005 [PDF]


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