Season 2 Screening Guide


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The Season Two Screening Guide can be downloaded as PDF files: of the entire guide, or by thematic section.

Full Guide

Download: Season 2 Screening Guide [5.2 MB]

Individual Thematic Sections

Artists: Trenton Doyle Hancock, Kiki Smith, Do-Ho Suh, and Kara Walker
Introduction: Charles Atlas with John Waters
Download: Stories Screening Guide [2.5 MB]

Loss & Desire
Artists: Janine Antoni, Gabriel Orozco, and Collier Schorr
Introduction: Charles Atlas with Jane Alexander
Download: Loss & Desire Screening Guide [2.7 MB]

Artists: Vija Celmins, Tim Hawkinson, Paul Pfeiffer, and Martin Puryear
Introduction: Charles Atlas with Merce Cunningham
Download: Time Screening Guide [1.9 MB]

Artists: Eleanor Antin, Walton Ford, Elizabeth Murray, and Raymond Pettibon
Introduction: Charles Atlas with Margaret Cho
Download: Humor Screening Guide [2.8 MB]

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