Watch Now: Full Archived Video of “The Present Perfect with Art21”

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“The Present Perfect with Art21” live at the 92YTribeca, June 23, 2010. Photo by Marc Bryan-Brown.

Thanks to all who danced with us at the Brooklyn Museum, submitted advance videos and questions online, tuned in and participated in the online stream, and attended the live event in New York City. All of us at Art21 enjoyed putting on this program, and we have all of you to thank.

If you missed the live event, an archived video of the stream is available for immediate viewing now on PBS Video.

Watch Now

Tune In TONIGHT on at 8 p.m. EST

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The Present Perfect at Art21

Tune in on

Look out, Internet: The Present Perfect is here! We’re coming at you live from the 92YTribeca in New York City tonight, starting promptly at 8:00 p.m. EST. Tune in on to watch the live stream and to join the discussion with other online viewers.

There will be conversation and there will be performance…and there will be participation from you!

Come prepared to have a conversation: Watch videos featuring Laurie Simmons and Oliver Herring beforehand, view recent work by Laurie, and catch up on audience-contributed performance projects as part of Oliver’s Three Day Weekend and The Present Perfect Weekend. Selections from the online conversation will be passed to moderator Robert MacNeil during the live event.

In addition to the in-browser chat room, we will also keep a Twitter back channel open during the event. Use #art21live on Twitter to discuss the event at the venue, on the go, or at home.

To keep the online discussion flowing, we’ve assembled a cast of moderators from across the country, including: Los Angeles-based Art21 Blog contributors, Catherine Wagley and Lily Simonson; St. Louis-based Art21 Blog Flash Points editor and Communications & Web Manager at The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, Rachel Craft; Washington, DC-based Online Arts Initiative Manager at PBS, Lauren Saks; and from the live audience in New York City, Art21 Manager of Education and Public Programs, Marc Mayer, and myself, Art21 Manager of Digital Media and Strategy, Jonathan Munar.

We at Art21 are excited to bring you this live interactive event, and we hope to see you online tonight!

Participate: Last Call and Weekend Roundup

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Filming at the Brooklyn Museum, NY, June 19, 2010. Photo by Katherine Payne.

Today is your final chance to participate in advance of Wednesday’s live event. Submissions close tonight at 11:59 p.m. ET. Current participants can give soon-to-be participants a sense of what’s possible: performing with friends, colleagues, or even solo!

A steady stream of submissions kicked off the weekend on Friday with a string of questions posted for Laurie Simmons in response to her recent collaborations.

With gorgeous weather this past Saturday, we packed our camera and boombox and set up camp outside of the Brooklyn Museum to film participants, museum goers, and passersby as they performed their own takes on Three Day Weekend and The Present Perfect Weekend. We captured iced coffee dancers (below), fountain dwellers, juggling puppets, and many more spirited performances throughout the day. The results were absolutely amazing! Watch the performances on Vimeo or via the embedded widgets at the end of this post.

Remote audiences also took a chance to upload their own performances, including a contribution by a frequent Oliver Herring project participant, Davis Thompson-Moss, who reminded us how much we love Johnny Gill’s Rub You the Right Way.

Time is ticking, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to contribute to this unique experience: Ask Laurie a question or perform with Oliver! More videos from the weekend embedded below.

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Get Interactive with Art21 at the Brooklyn Museum

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Want to participate in one of these:

…but finding it difficult to get enough people together? Let Art21 help you out!

Join us this Saturday, June 19 in front of the Brooklyn Museum as we set the stage for anyone to participate in performances for Oliver Herring’s Three Day Weekend and The Present Perfect Weekend.

All are welcome to participate or observe. Collaborate with friends new and old to create a filmed performance, some of which may be selected for screening during the June 23rd live event, The Present Perfect with Art21. We’ll bring the equipment—you just bring yourself! Or, bring your own cameras to create and contribute footage of your own!

Details for the Art21 Pickup Performances
Where: Brooklyn Museum front plaza
When: Saturday, June 19, 11:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m

Look out for the signs, music, and dancing to find us, or join us on Twitter to keep track of where we are and to call us out during the performances

Our cameras will also be ready to film responses and questions for Laurie Simmons, who will also be featured at the June 23rd event. Have something you’ve been itching to tell or ask Laurie? Flag us down and let us know!

Come alone or with friends, and please help us spread the word. The more performers we have, the more possibilities there are to reinterpret the performances. Oliver’s instructions were just suggestions, after all—the true performance comes from what you bring to it.

Not able to participate this weekend, but still interested in contributing your own performance or responses? Visit Participate for more information about how to get involved in advance of the June 23rd event.

Update: The University Galleries of Illinois State University in Normal, IL, is organizing a performance for Thursday, June 17, and will screen the live event on Wednesday, June 23rd.

Additional sample videos are available after the jump.

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What is The Present Perfect with Art21?

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In short, The Present Perfect with Art21 is an experiment…

On the surface, it is an interactive event moderated by Robert MacNeil featuring artists Oliver Herring and Laurie Simmons, exploring the role of collaboration and performance in contemporary art and everyday life. Digging a bit deeper, “interactive” is really the key here, as the audience plays such an important role in shaping the events of the evening.

This event picks up where the traditional artist talk ends, providing a platform to connect with our audience in more creative and playful ways. We invite you, the audience, to participate in the event beyond the typical “question-and-answer” format. Contribute videos to an interactive project or respond to work using more than just words—there are plenty of ways for you to get involved in advance of the event.

Then, on the night of the event, join the online audience for a live viewing of the event. We’ll have a chat box set up right next to the video, where the online audience can not only have discussions as the event plays out, but also contribute questions and comments to be woven into the live conversation, generating unique opportunities for dialogue.

Explore more about the event, the artists, and ways you can participate, then stay tuned to this site for news and updates. We look forward to your participation!