Performing with Oliver

Photo courtesy of testperformancetest 2010

Submissions are open through Monday, June 21st, 11:59 p.m. EST

Oliver Herring’s Three Day Weekend harnesses the power of collaboration, spontaneity, movement and play to widen the definition of performer and performance. Oliver creates a series of phrased movements, referred to as “seed choreography” to challenge untrained performers to step away from their daily lives and to express themselves creatively through dance. With each new location and set of performers, the work evolves differently, all originating from the source of inspiration yet yielding wildly diverse performances.

This challenge is now being passed to you as part of The Present Perfect with Art21. There are two ways to participate:

Option #1: Film your own performance based on Oliver Herring’s “seed choreography.” We want to see your version — whether solo or with friends, simplified or elaborate! Upload your video to Vimeo and add it to The Present Perfect: Three Day Weekend Vimeo group. Not only will your performance be shared with everyone online, but select submissions will be screened during The Present Perfect with Art21 on June 23rd. Unless you have Prokofiev’s Dance of the Knights handy (or this), just blast the original version from your computer as you perform or choose your own sonic background.

From the Three Day Weekend group on Vimeo

Option #2: Turn the tables on Oliver and challenge him to perform your choreography! Film an original dance and add it to The Present Perfect: The Present Perfect Weekend Vimeo group. Art21 will select choreography for Oliver, Laurie Simmons and on-site volunteers to perform during the event on June 23rd.

From the Present Perfect Weekend group on Vimeo

Materials to get you started

Three Day Weekend performed during PERFORMA09, November 2009, New York City. Courtesy of art writer extraordinaire and Art21 Blog super-contributor, Hrag Vartanian

Please review the Terms for Submissions before submitting materials for consideration.