Responding to Laurie

Submissions are open through Monday, June 21st, 11:59 p.m. EST

Online audiences are invited to view Laurie’s films and to sneak preview clips from Tiny Furniture—a film written and directed by her daughter, Lena Dunham, and featuring a role played by Laurie. Audiences are also invited to view images from her collaboration with fashion designer Peter Jensen to create a unique series of fashion photography.

After viewing a selection of these works below, Simmons invites viewers to submit related questions or responses—ranging anywhere from “What inspires you?” to “What was it like to be directed by your daughter?” to “Why do you use dolls so much in your work?”—in the form of text, video, or imagery.

Have a question or response to Laurie’s work? Feel free to leave it in the comments below. Feel more comfortable communicating by way of images, video, or audio? Media and discussion can be contributed via a special Vimeo group, Addressing Laurie.

Select responses will be used during the live event on June 23, so be sure to tune in to see if your responses were selected!

Video clips from Tiny Furniture, a film by Lena Dunham

All clips courtesy of Tiny Ponies, LLC

Images from Laurie, a collaboration between Laurie Simmons and Peter Jensen

All images courtesy of the artist

Please review the Terms for Submissions before submitting materials for consideration.

6 Responses to “Responding to Laurie”

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  2. devon says:

    What hesitations, if any, did you have when Lena asked you to play a character in Tiny Furniture? Did the role of performer come naturally or was it something you had to get used to?

  3. Liz (San Francisco, CA) says:

    Hi Laurie,

    Do you see “generational” differences in how audiences respond to your work? What about young women in the 80s vs. your daughters’ generation today?


  4. Sarah from portland says:

    Hi Laurie,

    Love the Jensen images! Did the clothes change your ideas about the settings you made, or did your settings influence the clothes? What was the give and take of ideas like between you and Peter Jensen?

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